Our Mission is to improve the lives of African children and their communities through education, clean water, nutrition, and healthcare.

Since 2010, Africa's Promise Village has been serving orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania and their adjacent communities through investment in education, which breaks the cycle of poverty.


The Promise Village is the long-term vision to bring a school and sustainable model of development to the rural Simanjiro village of Linjani in the Maasai region of Tanzania. Currently, the Divine Word Missionary operates a small clinic and a nursery school for ages 3-6 in Linjani. The only other opportunity for Linjani children to go to school is to leave their families and board to Arusha, which is too expensive for pastoralists in the Maasai region.

Read about our founding in this 2012 Community Impact Newspaper Articlee

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15 Monarch Oaks Lane

The Hills, Texas 78738

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TEL: 512-350-5880

E-MAIL: apvinaustin@gmail.com

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