Education is the key to fighting poverty!

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Promise Village School

Building a school and providing educational opportunities for the Maasai children has been our main focus since 2010.  Through collaboration with our amazing building advisory committee, the long awaited Promise Village School is a reality. 

Our Advisory Committee include: Jeff Mills, Dr. Chris Jones, Dr. Amin Mery, and Ravi Reddy.   Ravi, along with members of Privilege 2 Serve, the Lynn Family Foundation, many friends of the Promise Village School and APV founder, Dr. Donna Gunn, continue to develop and support the school.  These core contributors make a great team! 

Future plans include developing a large campus that will provide education from 3 years thru high school... and eventually adding vocational education to the curriculum. 

At this time, we have 8 buildings completed and we can accommodate 300 children.

The students are all Maasai coming from six surrounding villages. They will receive two protein rich meals a day, a quality education, English language instruction, hygiene curriculum, clean water and basic health care. 

A local NGO operates the school under the direction of our board members (listed below):

Mr. Bashir Mallya, Attorney at Law and Executive Director

Dr. Donna Gunn, Founder Africa’s Promise Village And Co-founder of the NGO

Ravi Reddy, Co-founder of the NGO

Sammy Lema, Owner of the Maishafrika Amazing Adventures safari company and Secretary to the NGO 

We could never had accomplished what we have without the support of our team and from our children's sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child to attend the school, please click on the button below.  

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The developers of the Promise Village School complex have made an important commitment to the welfare of our teachers. We are unique in our determination to respect and support our fully certified and degreed teachers through providing of housing with fully furnished units provided rent free to our faculty.  Currently, we have accommodations for 5 teachers.  As our school faculty grows, so does the need for additional housing units.

We believe by taking good care of our teachers we will have a stable teaching faculty who will do an outstanding job with our children.

If you are interested in supporting our teacher housing, please donate by clicking the button below.



Our wonderful bus was a gift from Mrs. Sandy Jackson from Houston Texas. The bus takes children to and from their village but the bus means much more than giving a child a ride to school!

We have major challenges to overcome.  The roads to the six feeder villages are impassable for long periods of time during the season known as the “long” rains. The villagers have agreed to level the roads and prepare them for the bus. In some places it means laying branches from trees to provide traction. In other places, it means filling ruts and smoothing the surface of the road. In other countries that would mean bringing in powerful machines to accomplish the task. Maasai parents must work for days to do by hand what a machine could do in a matter of hours.

Through the concentrated efforts of the village parents the bus will help to strengthen the bonds between the Maasai Community and the school.

There is a pressing need to add gravel the roads to overcome the issues that the rains are causing.  If you are interested in supporting this piece of the project, please click the button below.  


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