Promise Village School of Lanjani

The Promise Village of School of Lanjani
With the generous support and guidance of our Building Advisory Committee Ravi Reddy, Jeff Mills, Robert McCloud, Dr. Garrison and Andy Jackson, APV is in the process of building our long-awaited Promise Village School. This school will serve grades 1-7 upon completion and feature an outdoor kitchen, beautiful classrooms and a dormitory for teachers. The students are all Maasai coming from Linjani and surrounding villages. They will receive two meals a day, a quality education, English language instruction, sanitation curriculum, clean water and latrines. 

Scholastica School

We have four high school students at Scholastica and three children in the lower levels. We have been caring for five of them since 2011 and two of the younger girls for three years. All of the students are doing well and exceeding expectations in and out of school. All of our high school students appear to be college material, assuming that is what they want to pursue. If not, we will provide vocational training in a field of their choice. Since the students moved into new schools in January, we are delighted to say that the children have filled out, gained weight, and their academic work has greatly improved.



Mariado School 

We have three children in Mariado School in Arusha. Janice was placed in Mariado in January. She was new to us and at age nine had never been in school. She was shy and scared to be away from home but has rapidly adjusted and is happy. She was initially placed in a kindergarten level but has made rapid progress, with the school reporting that she is learning English very quickly and is very bright.  Last month at their fathers request we took twin boys who were eight years old, malnourished, and had scabies and eye infections. Today they are healthy, have gained weight and their eyes are clear of infection. They are learning to play and are being tutored each afternoon so that they can catch up with their peers. We are delighted with the progress of all the children.  

These are high-quality private schools that also provide food, clothing, shelter, house mothers, medical/dental, school supplies and love for our orphans/vulnerable children. See our children below and let us know if you would like to help support the children at Scholastica and Mariado. Eventually, they will move on to our Promise High School and then University, eventually enriching their home country of Tanzania and breaking the cycle of poverty for good. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Will you take this step with us?

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