The Library


Helping The Community

We are so pleased to announce that Dr. Richard Jackson will be donating a library to the education complex in Sukuro & we are so thankful. He will also be supplying an internet connection which allows us to make full use of the new computer lab and providing furnishing for the building.

Donna Gunn will be collaborating with Dr. Jackson on the decor and furnishing of the interior and as well as selecting the books for the new facility.


Dr. Jackson and his wife have traveled extensively and this has made them the perfect donors as they understand the need to build trust and be sensitive to the unique Maasai culture.


APV is working with a native-owned bookstore to purchase books that are written specifically for children in Tanzania. Once the library is finished and stocked with books the children attending Promise Village School will have resources much like their peers in large city schools. 


Due to the very high cost of importing books and the tariffs that are applied, those who are interested in helping with books can donate by clicking the button below, and in the comments section mark their donation as library books. We are also seeking artists that will travel to the school and add colorful murals to the walls.

Project Timeline