This all started with Kodogo.  At three years old, she had been abandoned, One leg withered from birth due to poor maternal nutrition.  There would be no place for this child.  But a little love (and alot of grit and tenacity) from Donna Gunn and Kodogo is a healthy, bright, beautiful young woman.   

Raymond  was roaming the streets on his own; he survived by going through the garage and had never been in school. He was 10 and very small....but bright and happy! 

Hosian, was 12 and the daughter of the chief of the village of Sucuro. She is learning to speak English. In Africa, even a third grade education  reduces teenage pregnancy by 50% and greatly increases their opportunities.  

These boys, Petro and Musaa Upendo were severely malnourished and nearly blind from conjunctivitis. Look at them now!  Happy, healthy twins. 

Stay tuned for 

more stories and updates on these wonderful children!

Joesph Harold Tivo - CEO of Africas Promise Village with Rebecca and Beatrice, two top high school students

Gabriel and Agnes Korneli were orphaned in April of 2017 when the father died of cancer. The mother had deserted the family years before his death and the two children had no living relatives that could help. 

Kodogo, Esther (Minister of Parliment) and Rebecca, Kodogo's big sister

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