Meet our kids

The children shown below are from families so impoverished that their families cannot afford $1/mo.

The NGO has graciously agreed to take these children until sponsors can be found to defer the cost of their education and boarding.  

You might be wondering why a 10yr old is in the nursery class.  Many of these children have never seen a book and each one needs to begin at the nursery level, no matter what their age.

Petro Sanare

8 years old - Nursery

Rebeca Saipa

7 years old - Nursery

Miindoi Kiroya

10 years old - level 1

Papalai Michaely

11 years old - Nursery

Martin Lembris

9 years old - Nursery

Hosiana Simion

10 years old - Nursery

Kiroiya Sumuni

9 years old - Nursery

Happy Kituumbu

8 years old - Nursery

Debora Lengai Kishapui

6 years old - Nursery

Daudi Kulunju

7 years old - Nursery

Emanuely Oloiboni

7 years old - Nusery

Esupat Noah Munimuni

8 years old - Nursery

Naisujack Kuya

9 years old - Nursery

Meshack Koromo

8 years old - Nursery


10 years old - level 1

Sokoine Lekishon

8 years old - Nursery

Naserian Saningo

6 years old - Nursery

Edward Parkepu

10 years old - Nursery

Evaline Lengai

6 years old - Nursery

Sponsorship Information



With the school year just around the corner, we are seeking sponsors for 19 students at the Promise Village School.  For just $40/month or $480/year you can give opportunity and hope to one of these beautiful children.

What The School Provides:

The children attending Promise Village School learn English, master the core subjects required by the Tanzania government and when they have completed Level 4 (fourth grade in America) will take the required National Exam, passing with a score that allows them to continue their education. As part of their education the children will learn techniques for raising their own food in the large school garden and green house. They will also learn how to raise and care for chickens as part of our poultry project. These important skills will give students the information needed to prevent/reduce the malnutrition and food insecurity so prevalent among the Maasai families in the area.

What Your Sponsorship Provides:

Each student will receive two hot, nutritious meals each school day, one new uniform per year, two pairs of school shoes per year, school supplies, a curriculum that meets and exceeds Tanzania Education Ministry standards, and life skills.

What Sponsors Receive:

You will receive a photo of the sponsored child twice a year, have the ability to send emails to your sponsored child, and receive a letter written by the teacher until the child is able to write their own.

Are you ready?

Get in touch with Africa's Promise Village to learn more about current sponsorship opportunities.  If you'd like to donate, please click here.


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