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Update - 9-6-21

Great news about our recent APV graduates. George has received such high scores on the National Exam that he was placed in one of the most outstanding form 5 and 6 schools in Tanzania, which is much like prep school or Jr. college in America. His areas of expertise include physics and all sciences as well as math. We are SO proud of him!


Beatrice is now enrolled in a higher education program with a focus on business and technology.  We hope that someday Beatrice might  join our faculty and staff at the Promise Village School complex and help us out with the many business details involved in the operation of a school. 


Our high school graduates received a new laptop in recognition of their hard work finishing high school.


Rebecca, our third high school graduate, is awaiting word from the Tanzanian government and hopes to be enrolled in a pharmacy program  at KCMC in Moshi, Tanzania.


Tyson Jacob is soon to be a senior at the University in Tanzania. In addition to earning outstanding grades, he has established a Tanzania Children's Choir and is hard at work helping  to shape the lives of the children. Tyson plans to be a pastor following graduation and has studied technology as well as pastoral studies so that he can utilize the power of social media to further his goals for his work.  Our thanks to Coach Lynn and the Lynn Family Foundation for helping APV put Tyson through college. He has made the Coach and Dr. Gunn exceedingly proud! 


The APV kids are growing up!  Beginning in January 2022, APV will have five students in high school at Saint Mary's in Arusha.  Three students, Hosiana,  Kadogoo and Gabrial will be starting their freshman year there. The other two, Kelvin and Izzy, will graduate in November of 2022 and continue their education. The remaining eight children in the APV boarding school family will continue their primary studies. Many thanks to the sponsors who have supported the children over the long period of time it has taken to help them obtain an education and have the opportunity to lead a productive life. 


The P2S non-profit team led by Ravi Reddy is collaborating with Sandy and Dr. Richard Jackson, Gerald and Sherry Merfish and Donna Gunn to develop a plan for the long term sustainability of the Promise Village School.  Many thanks for Richard, Gerald and Ravi for the countless hours they have spent working on the business plan. The plan looks at every aspect of the operation of the school complex including plans for cash crops, tuition support, donor giving and the possibility of endowments to sustain the school far into the future. We are so fortunate to Richard, Gerald and Ravi utilize their expertise and experience in business to help fulfill  the dream of a high quality education for the children of the Maasai.

Donations have made new construction possible as we have continued to grow and new space for classrooms is needed.  Plans include the construction of four new classrooms to be completed by January 1 when we will welcome our third grade class.


Our first dorm is to be built in 2023 and will house as many as 250 students, beginning with children in Kindergarten and continuing through the grades. We will have Level Four students (fourth graders) at that point as we are adding a grade a year.


Our new headmistress, Sophie, is hard at work making changes to the academic program, the children's menu and so much more. We are fortunate to have an educator of her caliber to guide the school and look forward to many

years of success under her leadership.


Our amazing new library, a gift from Sandy and Richard Jackson and Sandy's sister and family, has been completed.


The building is being furnished with the shipment of two 40 foot containers of furniture and other goods from America. The containers reached Dar two weeks ago and the goods have been inspected by customs and are already in Arusha, ready for transport to the school. We are especially appreciative of the donation of furniture from the Lake Travis School district as they refurbished Serene Hills School and replaced the older furniture with all new furniture for the coming school year.  Shipping costs were covered by the Jackson family and Donna Gunn.


Internet equipment, a gift from the Jackson family, is being installed within the next two weeks and allows us to offer many programs for children like those used in high quality education programs in the US. Put June 7, 2022 on your calendar and join us as we officially bless and open this wonderful new library. Pictures will be coming soon of our new desks, chairs, library furniture and so much more.


40 bikes, trikes, scooters and push toys were shipped along with the new furniture. Our new library has an area around the building with pavers that will allow the children to ride their bikes, trikes and scooters. The "Promise Village Children's Highway"is complete with signs that say Stop, Go, Animal Crossing, and other signs. What a fun way to encourage reading among the children.


Dr. Donna Gunn, Executive Director of APV, has completed a rough draft of the Parent Handbook and also a rough draft of School Board Policies. These will be studied by the Headmistress, our business manager Sammy Lema, the School Board and the villagers. Once changes are made, the documents will go to the NGO for final approval. 


Stay turned! Good things are happening!

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