The goal of APV is to educate children about healthy lifestyles.

The goals for improved health include:

1) offering two hot meals daily that include more protein than has typically been included in a Maasai child’s diet

2) teaching children to  practice good hygiene

3) limiting use of water to clean well water that is free of contaminates

4) teaching small gardenIng  techniques

5) teach students  to raise small flocks of chickens for eggs and meat to help reduce the food insecurity so prevalent among the Maasai families

6) working with donors to provide a yearly supply of medicines requested by the Emboreet Clinic so that our students and others can receive the treatment they require.

3D Limb Project

For those children born with a missing limb we have collaborated with our local Rotary Club. Lakeway-Lake Travis Rotary Club Of Lakeway, Texas. The combined efforts of APV and the Rotary Club has resulted in two young girls receiving an artificial leg. Once the children gained mobility they were able to attend school and live a more normal life.

Our greatest wish is to raise additional funds and provide artificial limbs and an education to as many children with missing limbs as possible. Your help is badly needed!!!

Those who sponsor a handicapped child will receive pictures, a brief history of the child and a report of medical progress. Typically the child will require $400 in medical costs twice a year.


Healthcare Support

Dr. and Mrs. Jackson from Houston, Texas are major donors of medicine, equipment and supplies, providing life saving medicine to the children and their families served by the school.

The nearby Emboreet Clinic is in need of a doctor to serve residents of the 25 Maasai villages located in the region. Living quarters are provided and the clinic has a modern (but modest) Operating Suite.  Physicians and physician assistants who are interested may elect to come for stays as short as three months or as long as their situation allows. Interested medical personnel should contact APV at who will forward their information to the appropriate personnel at Emboreet. 

Image by Hanna Morris